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Board Rules
Last updated: 6/10/2018

Welcome to jCodes, your ultimate coding resource for Jcink! We have some rules in place for proper usage of the forum. Please abide by them for the betterment of this community.

The following rules are set into place:

  • The Jcink Terms of Service is enforced at all times.

  • You are only allowed one user account on this board. Multiple accounts will be deleted and if you're creating multiple accounts to circumvent a ban, you may be banned indefinitely.

  • You are allowed one name change request every 4 months.

  • Do not ask to be promoted to a staff member. Staff members are chosen based on experience and etiquette.

  • For images that are large in dimensions or file size, please consider linking them.

  • Bypassing the word filter may be a punishable offence.

  • Spam is unacceptable and will be removed and the continuation of spam may result in a warning or restrictions.

  • Flaming is not tolerated and could result in punishment.

  • Do not PM or instant message users for support unless they state otherwise, use the appropriate forum.

  • If you have a particular issue with a staff member, please PM Cory about it.

  • Advertising is only allowed in your signature and profile. PM advertising is prohibited. However, you are suggested to post a link to your board when requesting codes or support.

  • Please use the report button and do not backseat moderate when a user is violating the rules.

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